Dr Richard Feldman

Dr Richard Feldman Nashville TN

Dr Richard Feldman Nashville

A lifetime of service to patients by Dr Richard Feldman, M.D. began with a medical degree from Meharry Medical College in 1975. For 35 years, Dr Feldman has dedicated his life to providing primary medical care and medically supervised weight loss to the community. His office has been open to those in need regardless of race, ethnicity, financial need, or social status. Richard served all who sought his care.

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For decades, his work with patients extended to hours of volunteer service. While a freshman in medical school, he collaborated with a medical student at Vanderbilt and a Resident M.D. at Vanderbilt to serve the underprivileged at the Rap Free Clinic. Through the donations they obtained, free care was provided. This clinic later became the federally funded Waverly Belmont Clinic, which still exists today serving low -income citizens. As a medical student, he traveled to Mississippi in the 1970s to provide free clinics of medical care to the underserved minority population. While a full time physician, he spent his Saturdays caring for the needy at the Salvation Army Clinic, which was initiated by Dr. George Perler. He opened his medical office doors to many who could not receive care in other locations – the outcasts of society at times, the prostitutes, the penniless, the uninsured. He saved lives; he gave hope for a healthy life; he helped people lose weight and gain confidence with healthy life choices of proper diet and weight loss.

Dr Richard Feldman