Dr Richard Feldman

Dr Richard Feldman Nashville TN

Medical Board

Attacked for Convictions to Patient Needs

The attacks came in large measures – reviews before the Medical Board, which attacked his character. These were followed by disciplinary actions by the “Medical Mafia” as Richard Feldman, M.D. dubbed the Board. For someone had entered their state and succeeded in helping tens of thousands of patients reach healthy weight goals.


He supported patients’ decisions to acquire chiropractic care. The medical establishment wanted to silence the unconventional doctor, so they silenced his expert witnesses at hearings. These experts could have shown that the scientific, medically sound practices that Dr. Feldman employed were used successfully in multiple states with studies supporting the methods’ validity. The experts could have stated the appropriateness of Dr. Feldman’s advertising strategies. Yet the testimonies of his expert witnesses and their depositions were not allowed.

Silence – allowing only the echoes of the “Medical Mafia.”


Uncommon is not illegal.

The methods Richard Feldman, M.D. implemented to serve his patients were researched through clinical studies and proven effective with thousands of successful applications, but his silenced expert witnesses had little chance to express their views. His advertising, which was unconventional, was an extended message to many who needed his assistance in weight loss efforts. But Dr. Feldman was silenced by the Board. The Board – the only voice Tennesseans are allowed to hear. Tennesseans want choice in such a personal issue as medically supervised weight loss care. Tennesseans deserve the successful approach to weight loss that Richard Feldman, M.D., has provided for 35 years.


It is time to roar louder than the Board.


If any doubts remain, TBI records can be attained to affirm that Richard Feldman, M.D., has no criminal records.